A complete animation kit

Everything you need to run your meetings and trainings with confidence.

Duo Alibelo® + TeamTalk®

Alibelo includes:
➡️ 60 “Photo” cards to inspire you
➡️ 30 “Portrait” cards to explore perceptions
➡️ 30 “Question” cards to spark conversation
➡️ 30 “Theme” cards for various subjects
➡️ 4 “Guide” cards to facilitate exchanges
➡️ 1 user guide with 12 examples of use

TeamTalk includes :
➡️ 50 level 1 cards: Get to Know Each Other
➡️ 50 Level 2 Cards: Show Appreciation
➡️ 50 level 3 cards: Open up with Courage
➡️ 48 Gift cards to take away

For all occasions

Identify the profiles your team needs. Approach hiring casually and in more depth. Get to know your teammates... even after years of collaboration!

Show gratitude. Offer positive and rewarding feedback. Express your confidence. Strengthen the esteem of your teammates. Strengthen psychological safety in your team.

Approach meetings from a different perspective. Define areas for improvement for your team. Identify the needs and gaps of your team. Make collective commitments. Determine common goals.

Break the ice at trainings and events. Ask impactful questions to your audience. Get to know the participants. Create awareness.