Team spirit book

Sébastien Sasseville & Gabriel Renaud

In 2022, Sébastien Sasseville took part in the Race Across America, the toughest ultracycling race in the world. With Gabriel Renaud as team leader, a group of 10 people supported Sébastien towards an extraordinary achievement.

This feat is in fact a collective effort and success and this is the story that Sébastien and Gabriel tell in order to help organizations come together around a common goal.

Concrete tools to build strong, efficient and committed teams! In addition to being a thrilling story, this book contains valuable advice on managing a team.

What does it take to become an inspiring leader? What ingredients must we bring together to form a balanced and motivated team? How do you react when the whole plan goes off the rails?

– Dominic Arpin, radio and TV host